Unplugging and Reflections: A Journey Through Thailand’s Contrasts

Episode 7 takes you on a unique journey as I decide to take a break from the digital bombardment of social media, seeking rejuvenation through the pages of physical books and the wisdom they hold. Amidst this personal recalibration, I dive into the profound socio-economic disparities and gender gaps in Thailand, reflecting on my own experiences of misaligned energies and unexpected moments of frustration. From the enlightening safety advice of a Thai elder to the exquisite indulgence in fine French dining and the vibrant life atop fancy rooftop bars, this episode explores Thailand's rich experiences. However, it doesn't shy away from the darker aspects of tourism, including human trafficking, highlighting the universal themes of existential pain and suffering. Join me on this introspective journey that weaves together personal growth, cultural insights, and the complex beauty of human experiences across different landscapes.

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